Cat Grooming, is it really necessary?


I must admit that before I became a professional groomer I never even knew that people actually had their cats shaved down or bathed at a groom salon. I own a Himilyan cat named "Lovey" she is in the pictures featured in a lion cut groom. Lovey is now 15 yrs. old and started having a lot of trouble grooming herself especially right down the center of her back would get matted. I have a hard time remembering to brush her long fur every two-three days and she was getting fur-balls and dandruff from not being able to clean herself as well anymore. So I decided to start grooming "Lovey" in whats called a "Lion Cut" with a higher mane in order to help her skin and she absolutely loves it.  She acts like a kitten again and really loves being petted even more now, she feels like velvet. This also helps me a lot with all the shedding she was doing on my bed. I suffer from asthma (yep...I'm probably in one of the worst professions for an asthma sufferer but I Love it too much to give it up!)  

This is a great way to keep down all the hair in the house and it really helps a cat with a dander problem or whats called

Seborrhea which Lovey also has. I can bathe her a lot better now and get her skin scrubbed up a lot easier with less hair

to get through. Also changing her to a prescription Vet recommended diet has helped her as well with her Seborrhea.  

A lot of times we get busy and our long haired cats end up very matted from us not having the time we need to keep

them brushed out. This trim on a cat is done with clippers and a 10 blade is the safest to use due to a cats skin being

easy to rip or tear, it's a lot like tissue paper. They look a little choppy for about two weeks if extremely matted.  

They sure feel better though and it's alot healthier for them to get that matted coat off so no other skin problems

develop from just leaving it. 

Cat Grooming is very difficult compared to dog grooming. A cat usually isn't thrilled at all about water or being shaved down with a clipper.  Cats are a lot different then working on a dog.  When they are sick and tired of being groomed you give them a break and go back at it in a little while. You have to work fast and safe and to do so it really does take two people most times especially on a severely matted cat requiring a lion cut groom. It usually does take most of the day to complete due to them hiding in the back of the cage from the dryer. Then after completely dried they need to be gone over to smooth out again with the clipper. Nail trimming is done and ear cleaning as well.  Eye's are wiped clean and pads of their feet and trimmed up and a sanitary shave as well if desired.  

I also do just BATH & BRUSH outs on cats that aren't needing to be shaved and aren't matted. They come with nail trimming, ear cleaning, eyes wiped clean.  

The Furminator Shedless Treatment works great also on cats. It is an additional charge for this service depending on the type of cat (length of hair). 

Flea Bathing is also another reason why people search for a cat groomer. If you've tried bathing a cat at home alone you probably have scars to share with me and don't want to even attempt it anymore and just leave it to the professionals.  

Cat Grooming is expensive due to the extra staff needed to safely hold your kitty and to insure it doesn't get cut while clipping off a matted coat. Also it takes a lot of experience and not every groomer wants to risk being bit by a cat which can put them out of work due to their saliva being more risky then being bitten by a dog.  

Give me a call if I can answer anymore questions for you or you'd like to come by and just have me take a look at your kitty to see what can be done to fix it up. I will know if it needs to be done at a vet hospital with Doctors on duty and if it will require a sedative to get groomed safely.  If cats are severely matted they may need to be at a location where doctors are on duty in-case of it being too risky with the matts being so tight to the bone.

Cat Grooming Prices

Bath Service: Starts at $75

Price depends on length of hair and size of kitty. Temperament is also a factor.

Includes: Two Baths, first one is a decrease, second bath is a shampoo and Conditioner, Ears cleaned, Nails trimmed, Anal Gland expression, sanitary T-Strip cleaned up, Brush/comb out, pads shaved, eyes cleaned and skin folds, face cleansing, cologne, bow & bandana.

Lion cut: Starts at $95

**If matted badly it will be more than $95**

I will go over the cat with you and discuss the price before you leave. It takes a lot of extra time and experience to use a surgical blade to remove a pelted coat on a cat safely and does cost more. I have a lot of experience grooming badly matted cats and will be able to tell you if I can't do it safely and if it should be done at a Vet Hospital where a doctor is on duty. This is something that requires two people, sometimes three people to safely hold the cat if it isn't holding still. Please don't try to try this at home. A cat's skin is like tissue paper and tears and cuts very easily and takes an experienced groomer to remove matts. I have seen many accidents due to people trying to save money doing this themselves and then ending up in animal emergency.

A Lion Cut includes a bath, conditioner, nails trimmed, anal glands expressed, ears cleaned, eyes cleaned, skin folds cleaned on face, brush/comb out, sanitary shave T-strip, pads shaved, cologne, bandanna, bow. 

Cat Nail Trims: $15

Most are $15 extremely difficult may be $20

Just shaving out matts only is $10-$55 depending on how many and difficulty. 


Please call us to discuss your cats needs and to schedule an appointment.  The cats are kept separate and away from the dogs for their comfort.